Need a Loan or Finance? Blacklisted?

Need a Personal Loan, But Blacklisted.

Need a Loan or Finance? Blacklisted?

Struggling to find a Personal Loan?

Need Personal Finance, but Blacklisted?

Need Personal Loan, but Blacklisted?

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Thanks to the ever-rising cost of living, South African consumers have to stretch their income further than ever before, with most consumers unable to handle any unexpected expenses without destroying their carefully planned budget. Life, however, is rarely accommodating and often tosses financial curveballs when we need them least. If you have been knocked down by unforeseen expenses and require financial assistance, iLoans can help.

As providers of safe and secure Personal Loans to South African consumers, iLoans can help you with quick and secure financial assistance whether you are blacklisted or not. By completing our easy online loan application form, you are taking the first step in taking control of your finances instead of letting them control you.

At iLoans, we don’t believe that a poor credit history should negatively affect your chances of obtaining trustworthy financial assistance. Cognizant that most South Africans are currently over-indebted or blacklisted, we offer customisable Blacklisted Loans, Personal Loans and Payday Loans to help the people who need it most. We appreciate that every applicant's situation is unique, which is why we prioritise customisable loans to suit your needs and budget.

By completing our online loan application form, our expert team can assess your needs and will contact you with a loan option and repayment plan that will not put your budget under further financial strain.

Whether you need additional funds to cover medical expenses, put down a deposit on a car, plan your dream wedding, or as a low-interest alternative to pricey student loans, iLoans is a viable alternative for secure financing even if you are blacklisted. For more information, please contact us or complete our online loan application form, and we will contact you.